Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fresh Start

Its almosr 2 year since I visited the blog page last. While it was in my thoughts all the time but never came and took an attempt to write some random thoughts.

What has changed over the period? NOTHING.

I didn't follow the custom previous year but then as I am here again. Wishing my blog readers a very happy and prosperous new year 2017. Though personally I have started feeling that there is nothing new and happy about a year except a possible reason to reboot ans start fresh.

As I am using mobile even formatting has gone for a toss. But better than having nothing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A long arduous journey of 2.5 year finally came to an end. Ideally it should have been titled PGSEM100%, End of Era and what not? But than nothing seemed more apt than calling it 99 not out as I never thought I will be able to last this long and that too without failing in any paper. "99" because I took 3 extra credit fortunately or unfortunately above the graduation requirement and "not out" because somehow against all odds I cleared all the paper with one 4/4 GPA(yeah had to flaunt it). Gold Medal!

What has changed - 
1) Since 1st week Dec'14 every Sunday looked like an extra leave as I almost forgot what 2 days weekend meant. Such feelings for sure not gonna last long though.
2) It took some time to adjust to the fact that day next to 1 day leave isn't Monday and it can be some other day as well. ;-)
3) I have become more confused about the career choices and movements. Have become jack of all trades and master of none. Moreover, as the bar for success definition has gone much higher, feeling of being no-one/being-miserable comes quite often.
4) Network has expanded.

More to come later (Hopefully).

As an yearly custom - wishing my blog readers a very happy and successful new year 2015