Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And award goes to....

Wasn't getting time at all since past few days and to make the matter worse I got some work during last Saturday and Sunday too. Couldn't sleep at all during weekend because I was working almost 48 hours continuously. :(

Today thought to work on the blog and this time with the award which has been given to me. I am being awarded "Fucking Fabulous Blog " which came from daisyblue, an avid story teller.

This award comes with some rules with it that I have copy pasted below :D

* Put the image on your blog
* List 10 truths about yourself
* Give the award to 5 other people
* Provide meaningful quotation

So here goes the image,

Before revealing my truths, I would bend a little and provide my quotation first,
"Once the game is over king and pawn goes to the same box." This is just to remind me that no one carries any advantage when on a level ground and should be treated equally. There are still 2 or 3 favorite quotations of mine but guess we are allowed to give the best among all.

And here comes some truth:-
1) I have an opinion about everything and somehow they are always right.
2) I never touched the computer in my life before joining my engineering and guess couldn't have had if I wouldn't have had joined it.
3)I am pathetic in English grammar and English is kinda nemesis for me.
4) I get bored with anything in a short period and always looks for something new.
5) I hate waiting for anything or anyone even though if it will do good to me. And want everything ON time .
6) I want to die once and then come back again in same body to see how does it feel to be dead.
7) I am very lazy and prefer sleeping long hour on sofa rather than exploring places.
8)I am short tempered and can shout like hell when angry.
9) First thing which I install in my computer after installing the OS is Cambridge dictionary to use as a reference for spelling.
10) If any idea strikes me while walking/roaming I save it in my mobile to blog on it later, though I never wrote on whatever saved on my mobile else my blog count could have had gone in thousands.

And I pass on the award to,
Amitabh Bachchan

Disclaimer:- Except Manju and Anish I never met any other lsited here in person but follow their blogs sometime.

P.S.:- I forgot to mention an important point or say a truth, I forget peoples face and their name very soon and when I meet again I wonder where did I met him or her. ;-)


Manjunath said...

thanks for the award dude :) even though i have not prepared a speech, i would like to thank HP for making us best buddies and also the city of chennai ;)

meanwhile i would like to thank the team of g-20 especially mukesh and shashi.

finally congrats Anish :)

Chronicwriter said...

soulful writing :)
congos for the award


Devil's Advocate said...

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.. ;-)

Devil's Advocate said...

Thanks for dropping in, my blogpage was missing your comments.. ;-)

Gajar said...

Dude, u blew my cover man. No names man!

And i told u not to pass it to me :-P

Devil's Advocate said...

@Gajar Dude

Sorry mate. But you are awesome so have to do that.